Saturday, 31 March 2007

Rock Solid & Restless

Thursday was the Rock Solid Day. A rock man was brought to the office & Friday the restless day was a hectic day- no wonder. Day started off not so good, had lots of work to do, translating the documents, urgent calls, reading the IVR announcements, voice overs, and finally when all the work was done, it was time to have some fun! As friday was the restless day, we had a super jumper, vertical wall climbing and car racing activities.. I did the wall climbing and the race, was too crowded for jumping. We had a little ceremony for the people who did the last week's worshops and we were given expensive gifts by the HR Director. The company became like a theme park indeed, took lots of funny pictures, I became a race pilot, a surfer, a climber... All my type of things :)
And now preparing for the Red Party tonite! It will be broadcasted live on CNN Turk after 21:45.. Hasta luego!

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magic girl said...

sounds more like play then work to me...