Thursday, 30 August 2007

On holiday

Going on another holiday tomorrow, to Tekirova, Antalya this time. To see what my holiday will be like you can visit

By the way, I haven't been posting much really recently, as there are lots of things going on, i.e. weddings, holidays, work, dentists, and so not really having much time to even myself.. But this time I am happy to say I'm totally unavailable as I will be on holiday!

F1 Races

I was on the F1 race in Istanbul Park last Sunday, the 26th of August, finally! I've always wanted to go and watch an F1 race live, I used to watch them on television every time and was almost going to see one race in America once, when I was there a couple of years ago.

When I told my friends about it, they said "Formula one? You mean car racing?", "She has weird interests". Well, Formula one is not just about car racing; it is a festival, a culture, it's about the sound of the cars and the whole experience!...
People from all different places came to Istanbul Park to experience the 2 days, and see a bit of Istanbul, it was faboulous, I felt like I was in a festival and just enjoyed it (even went to the race track after the race).. photos to be put later...

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Don't think of a Pink Cow!

The Cow Parade is now in Istanbul, and 190 cows designed by various artists will be exhitibited in the streets of Istanbul. The funds raised will be used for charity...

These are the ones in Şişli, where I live...


Thursday, 9 August 2007

Resistance is Futile!!!

Like the marching characters (BORGS) in the science fiction, the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy say, resistance is futile and you will be assimilated! In real life, these are the control freaks that want to put you into situations where resistance will just not do... Control freaks can be recognised by their aggressive behaviours, complex of their physical appereance, lack of self confidence and thus constant need to control. If you know any of them, stay away. If it's too late, then resistance is just futile!...


I like having visitors, and I am having a lot recently... Ömür, my cousin from Germany was here, for 3 days, so we spent time together, then my sister was here yesterday and to my surprise she didn't stay! Just went on to Ankara and from there to Samsun! Oh, Halil was here (he has to be mentioned!) And in September, Effie will come to visit me from Israel, Tel Aviv!! Will be great fun!

Visitors are great, but lately I am having crazy days. I just want things to settle and I want to spend the whole weekend at home!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I LOVE being single!! You can just take your backpack, decide where to go and GO!

That is what I did last weekend. I was meaning to go to Altınoluk for some time, but could never arrange a date that would fit everyone. The weekend was the perfect timing.

Altınoluk is a small town of Balıkesir. It has the Mountain of Ida (Kaz Dağı) on the North and the Egean Sea (Edremit Bay) to the South. It is famous for its olives and olive oil. The doctors advice people with heart conditions to live there for the level of oxygen is very high.

My ex-flatmate (she hates me when I call her like that) happens to have a summer house there in a beautiful location, just a street away from the sea and the beach. So you can image the weekend I spent in the beach and the deep, clean sea (and it was deep).

One of the best things was the food we had in the beach, especially the mussels, oh I love it, with lots of lemon juice... Aaagh.... I even went to a wedding in the big garden of a resort!
All in all the weekend was worth doing it, although I had to go to work as soon as I arrived on Monday morning, I was really energized and ready to go even to my surprise!


As you might or might not have noticed my blogs have suffered great lately, as I wasn't there to write them... Well, I guess I am not a person to write but a person to live. (its true)

Since I stopped writing, things happened, I have done some travelling, some deep thinking, decision making, sorting out, parts integration... The result? Is good. Will be good.

So let me start telling about what I have done....