Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I have realised my blog is suffering lately as I dont post any articles, being too busy at work, having long evenings out, and coming home too tired to do anything, not to mention that it is too hot recently in Istanbul, reaching 36-40 degrees centigrade! We are literally melting. Today is was the hottest day ever and they made it holiday for people with heart conditions, disabled, pregrants and people with cronical illnessess. Well, I'm none of them so I went to work only to have another boring day. Anybody with the right mind should stay in with the air conditioning I guess.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

I need inspiration

It has been a week full of frustrations for me. The weekend finally came and guess what? More hassle.

I've got the boiler broken down, it was very old and wasn't working properly anyway. So I had to get it repaired. I called the service this morning, an engineer came and said that the part that serves as the brain of the boiler is dead and needs to be replaced. Then I called the landlord, he wasn't very happy, as he knew it was going to be extra cost for him. So he is not paying the full amount. It cost me a fortune.

After all the repair was finished I deserved to have a shower. Now I'm much better.

My sister is going to Frankfurt, from there to Strasbourg for a youth project on Sunday and she will stay a week. Then she will come back to Turkey, this time to go for a Europe tour with another project. I quess she is following her elder sister's path.. good girl :) I'm proud.

I still need inspiration for a holiday plan though.. Too many options, too many distractions. Just need one solid way.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Why do I feel soo lucky one day and soo depressed the other! They say waking up in the morning feeling tired is a sign of depression... Need to get more St. John's Wort..

I guess I missed a bit in my horoscope for this month: "Some Sagittarius have been suffering lately and cannot identify with the glowing aspects of June. If that describes you, I am so sorry to hear that. There are two possible explanations. The first is that your "rising sign" is always AS important as your Sun sign, there is one other possible explanation for radical shifts that you may be seeing in your life this month. June will mark the mathematical mid-point between the March eclipses; the middle month becomes the one where pressures build and actions have to be taken. That's why mid-point months are often so dramatic. "

"Eclipses show us how dynamic our lives are, and that we need to be flexible, adaptable, and courageous and ultimately, realistic. In the end, all heartache comes down to having mistakenly held misguided expectations. Align your expectations properly and you will have found the key to happiness."

And this is so true for me, there are so many things going on in my life at the moment, many opportunities along with many uncertainties; I want to give all of them a chance and at the same time find the right way to take.. Can't know without trial and error but can't afford to try all of them.. God Im soo depressed (

Saturday, 16 June 2007

A crazy week just finished. As the summer has come, people have become more extravert, outgoing, crazy, or it is either that or I am having an incredibly high effect from the stars! Feeling so lucky without even doing anything.

They say this 2007 is the year of Sagitarius, they will have a high effect in every aspect of their life throughout the year... My horoscope says :"June will be close to your guardian planet, Jupiter, showering you with good luck and bringing on a well-deserved feeling of optimism. "

"With the Sun warming your partnership sector, you're in a couple-up mood. The new moon on June 14 and the days that follow will set off talks about a serious future. "

"Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck, is now in Sagittarius for the first time in twelve years, indicating that you are currently in the process of starting a whole new way of life. It will be one that will suit you far better than the one you have had in the past."

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Went to see Shrek-3 today, as I had 2 free tickets from my sister, so I invited Engin to come along with me. Despite the horrid traffic after work we managed to get to the cinema and even had time to eat. The film was Ok, it had funny bits and pieces, not as good as I expected it to be but the second half was better than the first one. Had a nice evening overall.

I remember seeing the first Shrek and I loved it. And the second one. Guess it is like all 3rd films they make, it gets too much after a while. But had a good evening. Need to get up early so bed for me is waiting now...

Monday, 11 June 2007

I've done a good job today, saved the world, avoided a battle at work by coming up with solutions, dealth with the monster called Monday, came home tired as the beautiful wariror princess, went out for some shopping (princesses shop too, shopping is good for your health), got my old watch repaired, came back home listening to my new obsession tracks. How's that for sorting out?

When people have major accidents or a traumatic experience, they may erase that memory or push it back in their minds, and I think that's what I'm doing in a way; avoiding conflicts & things that upset me and concentrating on peace and quite.

Oh, also looked for bikinis for my never to come, big mistery holiday. No plans sadly... But still looking for bikinis, you never know. The prince may come & take me to that holiday..

Saturday, 9 June 2007

House Cleaning

As I was ill for some time, I did not have the chance to clean the flat and you can image how messed up the place has become. Well, saturday was the day for cleaning.

They say your house reflects your personality and there is a whole philosophy around this, ie feng shui and so forth. Likewise, they say that your place affects your subcounscious mind, ie. if the place is tidy, then your inner mind is supposed to be peaceful and if it is messed up, then likewise your mind is.

Well, mine have been messed up for some time. I needed to do a good cleaning and tidying up in my house and in my life...

Thankfully I have reserved my weekend for the house cleaning and relaxing, seeing friends and taking care of my flat.. Sinse ahead of me is a difficult week, lots of work to do, I needed a nice, peaceful home and peaceful mind.

There are still certain things that do not fit into place but hopefull they will work out too. Being a freedom loving and independent person (a sagitarius), I still need stability and order in life.. This is a guess what I will work on next...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Finally Back! Yess!

I have been literally sick starting from the mids of last week, all the way through the weekend and this week on Monday, yesterday and today and it seemed like ages! God, I didn't know you could be sick for so long!

I spent Saturday literally in bed, suffering, my sister looking after me, going out to get fruit and stuff, Saturday night I felt like I should go out to build my energy back. We went to Nevizade, in Taxim, Istanbul; a nice alleyway where everybody drinks, I didnt. It was Gamze's bithday. Again spent Sunday the same way, and I thought well, I should be back on Monday, but no. The doctors sent me back home again on Monday. So spent the whole Monday in bed, suffering. And I thought OK, this time I will be ok on Tueday which is today. I woke up, it was still ill, I went to work, I still had the fever, my eyes were stinging.

I had been booked to translate in a training from the 5th to the 7th, but I wasn't sure I could make it. This morning I took extra vitamins and pills and I went in there and started to do the job. I felt not so good untill kind of midday but then something happened I don't know what, and it just finished! Finally the fever went, I felt OK after days. The thing that surprises me was, I was sick one moment and OK the other, just like that, amazing.

I felt so OK, so normal after being sick for ages it seems that I went out with a friend for a meal, and had a great evening. The good part was though, of this time, and the only good part of it, is being offered to be looked after by friends. I had a couple of friends that wanted to come home and look after me for a while, but I kindly refused them as I didn't want them to suffer along with me, besides the flat was in a mess.

Anyway, I'm so glad I'm over this. I am wearing my evil eye bracelet from now on to keep me safe from the negative energies...

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Still Sick

Still sick, have been in bed all Saturday, so my sister had to stay in too, got back on my feet just now and will go out to get some fresh air and meet friends... Gosh, at least I've had it now and won't be infected again, for some time, hopefully...

Friday, 1 June 2007

What Sid Told Me

Talked to a friend of mine Sid yesterday and got lots of inspiration to write.

He told me about a friend Jenny who met this person by chance in an event and they found out that they had a common point: they both wanted to practice Spanish. Now, Jenny is a very talented girl and has many interests and she agreed to meet him again (he also looked a bit like a poof which was comforting). But then they never had the chance to meet again as she was busy with her work and her boyfriend, but keeping up with this person through emails, written in spanish to keep up the practice, so it was ok, nothing more nothing less. However, after some time, the emails started questioning her desire to practice and accused her of not really wanting to learn which was not true and also weird as how come a total stanger could question a person like that?

And that reminded me of something else that happened to me in a similar way. Strange isn't it? You get these people that perhaps want to get into your life, you just be friendly with them and they think they are getting special attention and when they can't, they don't respect the other person but become aggressive and start to accuse you. It's like men; why should they always be mad when they are refused. They never take it as an option. But yes, they CAN be refused and when they do, just get on with it!! Don't make a fuss of it. Just smile and get on with your life!