Saturday, 9 June 2007

House Cleaning

As I was ill for some time, I did not have the chance to clean the flat and you can image how messed up the place has become. Well, saturday was the day for cleaning.

They say your house reflects your personality and there is a whole philosophy around this, ie feng shui and so forth. Likewise, they say that your place affects your subcounscious mind, ie. if the place is tidy, then your inner mind is supposed to be peaceful and if it is messed up, then likewise your mind is.

Well, mine have been messed up for some time. I needed to do a good cleaning and tidying up in my house and in my life...

Thankfully I have reserved my weekend for the house cleaning and relaxing, seeing friends and taking care of my flat.. Sinse ahead of me is a difficult week, lots of work to do, I needed a nice, peaceful home and peaceful mind.

There are still certain things that do not fit into place but hopefull they will work out too. Being a freedom loving and independent person (a sagitarius), I still need stability and order in life.. This is a guess what I will work on next...

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