Saturday, 31 March 2007

Rock Solid & Restless

Thursday was the Rock Solid Day. A rock man was brought to the office & Friday the restless day was a hectic day- no wonder. Day started off not so good, had lots of work to do, translating the documents, urgent calls, reading the IVR announcements, voice overs, and finally when all the work was done, it was time to have some fun! As friday was the restless day, we had a super jumper, vertical wall climbing and car racing activities.. I did the wall climbing and the race, was too crowded for jumping. We had a little ceremony for the people who did the last week's worshops and we were given expensive gifts by the HR Director. The company became like a theme park indeed, took lots of funny pictures, I became a race pilot, a surfer, a climber... All my type of things :)
And now preparing for the Red Party tonite! It will be broadcasted live on CNN Turk after 21:45.. Hasta luego!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Red day was today. Well, 1st of April will be the beginning of a single brand period for the company, migrating to Vodafone, and Telsim will be history, so they are organising events like nobodies business.. Every day there is a new thing. This morning every one was given red roses the first thing they enter the building. Lots of e-mails talking about surprises, flamenco dancers in the entrance, Red Party on Saturday night (still dont know what to wear), everything is Red as "red" stands for passion.
As for me, I have no passion today, very tired and exhausted and can not understand whats happening to me... Mom is here cooking for me and complaining about my flat ... (guess thats what all moms do) So will go to bed early. Not to mention about certain people who are too busy taking pics and publishing their blogs.

Monday, 26 March 2007


Finally washed away the blue feeling. I was invited to a Mind Maps course on Sunday by a trainer friend of mine, Phillip, whom I worked with a couple of years, and he was doing the course. So I went. It was the second time I took the same course but draw nice mind maps one of which you can see below as a basic example.

Can't find the cable of my camera, so took the picture with the mobile phone, so the quality may not be that good, will put more mind maps as soon as I find my cable...

As per today, Monday, got back to work in my fishnet stockings and high heels and guess what happend first thing in the morning? Had a ladder in my fishnet!!! But thankfully the skirt was below the knees (very professional) so got over that well.

Well, my mom will come tomorrow and stay with me for a week. My kitchen will see home made food after a long time :)) And I will be fed well... Aunt and uncle coming on wednesday, so this week will be a family week I guess, nice change...

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Feeling Blue

I walked again this morning aimlessly.. And I had that feeling again inside, the same feeling that I used to have at the end of each course. When I was working in my previous company we used to have 7 day or 9 day training courses, and these would be very intense, from 9 to 6 with the participants and the trainers and even in the evening going out, being together all the time. And at the end of each course I would have that blue feeling, a melancholy, when everything was over and i knew that I would not wake up early next day to go through the same routine. And I used to walk back home- rather than taking a taxi, or the tube- I would walk from Taksim to Şişli (two stations with the tube) just to give myself time to think and live the melancholy, and as I said earlier I have to walk when I feel that way. So I walked this morning again feeling so blue...

Friday, 23 March 2007

Time to think

It is strange how celebrations turn into disasters before you know what's going on. People influence each other with their words, actions, looks, but especially words can be very hurtful, when people say things without considering, things that they are not supposed to say to a person, may be because deep within they lost the respect, may be not?
I walked away today for hours on the street without anywhere to go, just to think. That's how I am when i need to think, can't sit still, have to move. And may be I have to move on. I do not know yet, but something deep within says that at some point I will have to.
The neighbours upstairs are fighting again, I can hear the screams, apparently they lost their respect long ago, and perhaps that's exactly why i have to move on so that I do not to be become like them.

Thursday, 22 March 2007


Well well well, time to come back to the dijital world from the real world and write on my blog since many things happened in the last couple of days...

I should start with the big worshops that we have been running non-stop for 9 days in a hotel where I was translating in a red booth that you can see on the right hand side :) Our translation booth, our sweet home..It's finished on Tuesday and we had a big celebration afterwards just for the people who made it happen, like the sound people, technical people, us the translators, trainers, facilitators, etc. They had a big cake and botlles of champaign for us. And a video of our photos.

Next day , yesterday, was the time to go back to the office after 9 days, and ofcource lots of catch up to do. But again at night we had a celebration, with about 60 people we went to a greek tavern, had lots of raki and meze, lots of belly dancing...

I was cautious this time with raki after all my bad experiences with it, but had lots of fun with the team. The place was in Karakoy, close to the Galata Tower, had a nice view. The boys in the team got very drunk but the girls were ok ofcourse, our managers were there too and one of them got really really drunk, and did things that he would wish he hadn't done, but all so funny ofcourse...

Today all those drunk people got back to the office half drunk :) Funny to see, but thank god I got over today, got home and put my feet up at last... Aah, and so it is...

Saturday, 17 March 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Today is the St. Patrick's Day. And, why is it important for a Turkish girl? Well, if you're working with an Irish man, it is. St Patricks Day is an Irish holiday, where the Irish wear green- they believe it is lucky and protecting just like our evil eye protects us- and put shamrocks on, or paint shamrocks on the face, which mean a girl can kiss any boy she likes and the boys can kiss any girl they like on the street.

The three leafed shamrock is the symbol of this day. And you have three wishes to make by the midnight. One for your family, one for the people you don't know (like the victims of an event, ect), and one for yourself. I still haven't made my wishes. Also watched some Irish dance today, they never use their hands, as dancing was forbidden for years and years in their history. Irish folklore dance looks like our Blacksea Region dance. Could Irish people be Turkish at one time:) Don't know but "Everyone Loves an Irish Girl", ha;)

(I though my ex-flatmates picture will go nicely in there, he he)

Friday, 16 March 2007

New Watch

Had a good day at the training again, getting my reputation round the company, as soon as people listen to the headphones they know its me, cool hey?

Another thing that happened to me was, when I went to Israel in December, I visited many places and one of them was the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Its a fantastic place, had a thermal spa bath, mud bath, deadsea swim, was a bit chilly but a place to see.

The problem was I forgot my watch in the locker in the En Gedi Spa and couldnt get it back. It was a DKNY watch I bought from New York a couple of years ago, and you couldnt image how much I loved that watch, it was like a part of me, and everybody else loved it, and it was gone. Since then I search for the same model but they dont make it any more. Searched for similar models but didnt like them as much.

I was feeling naked since I lost my watch, but TODAY I got the right watch for me!!! Got a watch with exactly the same body as my old watch but different and even better metal braclet. Here it is :)

Thursday, 15 March 2007

day off

Took the day off, needed rest. Big week this week, the company is organising worshops for all staff which is about 2,750 people, 250 participating each day and I am simultaneously translating all speakers. The CEO, Atilla made a speech yesterday in one of these workshops, translated him simultaneously, and other directors of the company. Was pretty cool, got great feedback from people, as allways. One of them even said I was born to do this job. I think so too.
It was all very well and jolly but at the end of the day something happened which got me very upset. Can not control everything. So need to rest and get my energy back today for the rest of the week and weekend, that's what I need to do.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

my very first blog

I'm sitting here getting advice on how to write a blog from some body who has just done their own.. Don't know what to write or if I can keep up posting blogs as my work takes the most of my time but what the hell : )

(By the way, that's my tongue in the picture, Im not normally like that:) )