Tuesday, 13 March 2007

my very first blog

I'm sitting here getting advice on how to write a blog from some body who has just done their own.. Don't know what to write or if I can keep up posting blogs as my work takes the most of my time but what the hell : )

(By the way, that's my tongue in the picture, Im not normally like that:) )


magic girl said...

Yes she is! Her tongue is always out, cheeky girl. congratulations on your new blog waiting to hear all your gossip. well done.

miss interpreter said...

Thanks honey... I was inspired by you to start a blog, after reading all your posts day by day. Keep good

oti said...

Heeey sweety!! It is very nice idea with your blog! I really love it!! I would like also open a blog, but I think my first big big problem is the time and then my english. ;-(
But nevertheless please keep us informed about your life!!