Monday, 26 March 2007


Finally washed away the blue feeling. I was invited to a Mind Maps course on Sunday by a trainer friend of mine, Phillip, whom I worked with a couple of years, and he was doing the course. So I went. It was the second time I took the same course but draw nice mind maps one of which you can see below as a basic example.

Can't find the cable of my camera, so took the picture with the mobile phone, so the quality may not be that good, will put more mind maps as soon as I find my cable...

As per today, Monday, got back to work in my fishnet stockings and high heels and guess what happend first thing in the morning? Had a ladder in my fishnet!!! But thankfully the skirt was below the knees (very professional) so got over that well.

Well, my mom will come tomorrow and stay with me for a week. My kitchen will see home made food after a long time :)) And I will be fed well... Aunt and uncle coming on wednesday, so this week will be a family week I guess, nice change...


magic girl said...

I wish I was on the course, really liked the drawing. Had a big fight with zowie and stopped being friends with i wish i could be right there with you....even getting a run in your stocking sounds fun.
enjoy your mum's visit.

miss interpreter said...

Sweety, sorry about what happened with Zowie, why did you have a fight? I think you will get back together, you should talk..
You can come here any time you like you know that and I will teach you the mind maps, you will produce better maps Im sure :)
Lots of love