Friday, 23 March 2007

Time to think

It is strange how celebrations turn into disasters before you know what's going on. People influence each other with their words, actions, looks, but especially words can be very hurtful, when people say things without considering, things that they are not supposed to say to a person, may be because deep within they lost the respect, may be not?
I walked away today for hours on the street without anywhere to go, just to think. That's how I am when i need to think, can't sit still, have to move. And may be I have to move on. I do not know yet, but something deep within says that at some point I will have to.
The neighbours upstairs are fighting again, I can hear the screams, apparently they lost their respect long ago, and perhaps that's exactly why i have to move on so that I do not to be become like them.

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