Friday, 16 March 2007

New Watch

Had a good day at the training again, getting my reputation round the company, as soon as people listen to the headphones they know its me, cool hey?

Another thing that happened to me was, when I went to Israel in December, I visited many places and one of them was the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Its a fantastic place, had a thermal spa bath, mud bath, deadsea swim, was a bit chilly but a place to see.

The problem was I forgot my watch in the locker in the En Gedi Spa and couldnt get it back. It was a DKNY watch I bought from New York a couple of years ago, and you couldnt image how much I loved that watch, it was like a part of me, and everybody else loved it, and it was gone. Since then I search for the same model but they dont make it any more. Searched for similar models but didnt like them as much.

I was feeling naked since I lost my watch, but TODAY I got the right watch for me!!! Got a watch with exactly the same body as my old watch but different and even better metal braclet. Here it is :)


magic girl said...

very nice bunny.

oti said...

It looks nice.

But I think very deep in your heart you love your old watch! :-)))