Sunday, 30 March 2008

Cloudy and Cold Weekend

Past two weeks have been busy with visitors at home, having to take on extra work-especially after the leave of a colleague-and having a cold, still not fully recovered. Plus on top of these, what they call the spring depression took over my mood. Well, know that I have it, I can give advice. Spring fatigue or spring depression is described as changes in the metabolism due to climate change, affecting human body and psychology, resulting in lack of enthusiasm, tiredness, drowsiness. Plus taking the clocks one hour forward has an affect on our body rithm. They say the best ways to get over the spring depression you should:-
-go and see friends, socialise
-take vitamins and lots of liquid
-get enough sleep
-physical exercise

For the sake of coping with this I tried to do all above and went to see friends last night, and we decided to have an early Sunday to go and have breakfast by the Bosphorus. So woke up early, they collected me and took to this cute place. Now, a great cafe that I will recommend: Nar Cafe ( It's a very small cafe and has a cute design - reminded me of the cafe Effie took me by the flee market in Tel Aviv, they have mismatching elements- but better with the view of the bridge and water. Then we went another, this time very big place right by the water. It is amazing how crowded the coast line cafes and restaurants can be on a cloudy and cold Sunday morning.. Hope the clouds disappear soon.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Oblomov Syndrome

A friend of mine recently told me he is reading a book from the Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, and the main character of the book is a guy called Oblomov. This character is always creating new projects in his mind but never putting any of them in action. He is creating a world for himself, he is always busy, doing nothing...

This character reminded me of a situation I had with a friend recently who has been constantly telling me that they will do a certain thing for the last 3 weeks and not doing it. The intention is there. But it's not enough. Well, I have an intention to buy a house, I have an intention to learn flamenco dance, I have an intention to move to Caribbbean.
Does that mean I am going to do these in the near future? No way! Everybody has an intention to do something; the thing is to put it into action and do it.
Intention is just a starting point, it's the trigger, but it means nothing unless you put it into action. So, do what you say. Because next time you say something, people will not believe you. You loose from your credibility if not already have...

A good English saying for this is: "Walk the walk not just talk the talk."

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Uludağ- Skiing Holiday- Day 2

So peaceful and quiet was Uludağ....

And then it started....

And then this happened... So this is in short how we got stuck in the mountains. At least we were warm and nice only bored a bit but had lots of fun. Looking forward to do it again...