Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Red day was today. Well, 1st of April will be the beginning of a single brand period for the company, migrating to Vodafone, and Telsim will be history, so they are organising events like nobodies business.. Every day there is a new thing. This morning every one was given red roses the first thing they enter the building. Lots of e-mails talking about surprises, flamenco dancers in the entrance, Red Party on Saturday night (still dont know what to wear), everything is Red as "red" stands for passion.
As for me, I have no passion today, very tired and exhausted and can not understand whats happening to me... Mom is here cooking for me and complaining about my flat ... (guess thats what all moms do) So will go to bed early. Not to mention about certain people who are too busy taking pics and publishing their blogs.

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