Monday, 11 June 2007

I've done a good job today, saved the world, avoided a battle at work by coming up with solutions, dealth with the monster called Monday, came home tired as the beautiful wariror princess, went out for some shopping (princesses shop too, shopping is good for your health), got my old watch repaired, came back home listening to my new obsession tracks. How's that for sorting out?

When people have major accidents or a traumatic experience, they may erase that memory or push it back in their minds, and I think that's what I'm doing in a way; avoiding conflicts & things that upset me and concentrating on peace and quite.

Oh, also looked for bikinis for my never to come, big mistery holiday. No plans sadly... But still looking for bikinis, you never know. The prince may come & take me to that holiday..

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps getting rid of old things, you may watch things change, even if you repair the old things, they may not work like the ones they were replaced with. Lets hope you get sunshine in your life to wear your new/old things, as your prince always did love you and is there for you.