Thursday, 19 April 2007

How To Get Depressed

Working closely with IT people I should have known better in my shopping for CF (compact flash) cards, as I had pittying looks, shop assisstants going "Wow, we dont have those any more", but then finally I had success in one particular shop. I also discovered that the CF cards are more expensive than the SD cards to my suprise (the former is bigger and the latter is a tiny thing) When I asked - how come? they said because the bigger ones are used for the professional cameras with more capacity. Well then I can consider myself as an owner of a professional piece of art, but since that's not the case, mine is just a four year old camera.

Enough of the technobable, had a very difficult and stresfull day at work, dealing with a couple of issues at the same time. Internal clients with unrealistic and unachievable expectations, putting pressure on the our team for the translation of a tender specification. On top of that, the 3 day holiday that I was looking for having so badly was cancelled in the last minute. Instead of that I had a simultaneous job to do for one of the directors on Saturday. Still have 2 more days off (like a normal weekend-but including the official holiday) but dont know where to go. Tried to figure out the flights all day, and do the work at the same time. Had to stay overtime, got home late. Eat, wash, clean, cook, work... Life is diffucult for a girl... I am sooo depressed (like Marvin in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

By the way, found a great article on How to Get Depressed if you still aren't... and to give you some smile. Read it. Whoever wrote it, it's so NLP.


pamukluprenses said...
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pamukluprenses said...

My poor manic-depressive sister, let me give you a hug^^ Although you were a little sleepy and so tired, today in METU was nice, wasn't it? Airport thing can be a little annoying for you right now when i'm posting this comment, but like today in METU, we'll be enjoying in Samsun tomorrow. I'll be seeing you in 10 hours or something=)

miss interpreter said...

Interestingly I'm posting this reply as you are here with me in the same room:) I will write all about that dont worry..