Friday, 6 April 2007

Karaoke Night

Next night we went to a Karaoke Bar, in Ortakoy, Princess Hotel. Nice little bar with 2 special sound proof rooms in which you can choose any music you like and shout as much as you want, go crazy and unwind, which was what I most needed that night. Couldnt be better, starting with Ibo :) and continue with Anastasia, singing

"Im outta love, Set me free, Let me out this misery
Show me the way to get my life again, Cause you can't handle me"

Halil, singing away like a pop star, as he usually is. His last night in Istanbul before returning to Ankara after all the partying and so...

1 comment:

magic girl said...

more going carzy I see....good for you. Have just fun sweety.