Sunday, 15 April 2007

Friday, A Girls' Night Out

Most working people must probably have realised that if they spend friday night out or with friends, then the weekend seems to be longer, as opposed to doing the weekday routine. It's like having a 3 day weekend. So that's what we did and met up in Taxim to have a meal after work. The meal was then extended to a beer, and the beer was extended to a bar which we enjoyed.

The meal was in a place called Rio, in Taxim, which looks Brazilian from outside and totally American from inside. The place wasn't at all what I expected it to be, but the food is ok, I had a well done beef burger with chips and a beer, a bit of a tourist place. There is live music as well, spanish music and guitar. Then we went to Nevizade, no need so say anything.. (the alleyway by the fish market). And finally Club 607 in Cihangir. It's a roof bar, with sea view, a nice space.. We asked the bartender to make us a cocktail, and there came a blue coctail in which we thought was malibu, kiwi, orange and cherry. Beautiful taste. It was 2 am when we left the bar while the night was continuing with full speed for the others.

It was nice to know I would wake up mid day the next day, which I did.

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