Friday, 6 April 2007

1st of April Party

I can hear you say noo not party again! Yes, party all week! I have to tell about these anyway. 1st of April was the first day of the work as Vodafone, so when we got to work in the morning the first thing we did was to go in a red tunnel from the outer gate to the inside at the end of which waited a camera was recording and all the Senior Management standing welcoming the people; when we got to our desks lots of gifts were waiting us, took the time to discover them nivce little things. Worked only till lunch. Then the dining hall was converted to a party hall! Who were there? Dj Funky C together with Burhan Ocal, a famous percussion artist. And 3 well known Turkish characters representing our red, rock solid, restless spirit were invited to give a talk and meet people.

Tan Sagturk, famous ballet dancer, representing passion. There he is, on the right.
He is successful as a dancer but should not talk in my opinion.

And here is the first Turk to climb Mount Everest, also head of AKUT, Search & Rescue Team, Nasuh Mahruki (below). He is a rock solid spirit (I like this one as I'm too involved in voluntary work in disaster relief as a member of Interpreters in Aid at Disasters) For more info see

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