Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Time to Work

Days of fun are over and days of busy work have arrived early.. Have been very busy this week, therefore not having time to post blogs, as a matter of priority, i put rest before the blog. Each one of us have priorities which determines how we live our lives. These priorities can change from time to time, but you can tell the priorities of people when you look at their behaviour. For example, my friend Halil and I do the same routine at the weekend at home- except he is in Ankara and I am in Istanbul- but with different orders. Every weekend I wake up, put the computer on to say good morning to people, have a shower and then have breakfast. Halil, he has his breakfast first- ofcourse!- then puts the computer on, and then takes a shower. (how do I know that- we talk online). So you can tell my number one is being connected with people. Even food and other things come after that. For me the most important thing is my connection to other people. As a part of this connection, my mobile phone has become like a limb to me, an extention of my body, I keep it with me all the time. I also have to do that as a part of my job, since I have to make myself available when people call, to translate in a meeting, or a presentation; as opposed to some people who put their phones to silent to be never checked. Those are the ones who dont care, they are far from being connected, and may be they subconsciously want to be out of connection by closing the communication channels. So you only have to look at what people do, not what they say as we teach in NLP. That's the key and may be its time for me to change my priorities and put work to number one, well for tonight it sure is as I need to translate a presentation by tomorrow morning. Will start in a minute. After a beer.


magic girl said...

people are the key...and if anyone one of them tries to take my mobile phone they better be very afraid!

miss interpreter said...

here is the brave girl to make a comment again! Just felt like writing that article and every one takes a different meaning out of it, appropriate to them. But the people who needed to get the message, got the message :)