Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Shopping for Gadgets

As boring as it sounds I enjoy shopping for gadgets once in a while. I like to go in a techno market and look for things, spend time with them, just as much as I like to be equiped with electronic toys at home.. Today was one of those days, but not so enjoyable this time as it had been a long time since the last time i shopped for an electronic device, and I found myself far behind the new developments..

When I went to Israel in December, I took some guided tours as well as toured by Lilly and Effie. I saw lots of wonderfull places and took lots of photographs. On one of these tours when I went to Jerusalem, I was so thrilled by the things that I saw that tried to capture everything on the camera or video, even the stories of my tour guide. Everything was going allright untill it came to the most exhiting places and the battery pack of my digital camera went low and no space left on the memory card!! I never thought it would happen. The battery usually lasts for a long time and there is allways enough space in the card. As the tour guide was talking about the number one places in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, I was trying to make space for more pictures! Finally the battery pack died and I started to take pictures with my mobile phone untill it became full too. First I got frustrated, but then hey, at least I was there to see things with my own eyes, and enjoy it, and that was enough.

Next day solved the camera problem. (Took Lily's old fashioned camera- they still put films in it). Recharged and made space in my camera too. And decided to get a better memory card and an extra battery pack when I get home.

And that day my friends happened to be today :) Tomorrow will talk about how I did it ..

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