Wednesday, 23 May 2007

What's going on

Have been feeling tired for the last couple of days without a reason other than work. And I've had people telling me the reasons why I was that way. You know when people say "Oh I know why you're tired, it's because you've had too many crips last night, you crossed your left leg over your right leg and deep inside you feel sorry that you didn't go for that thing that you wanted..." and so and forth. You know it, dont you?

And why do we sometimes treat the loved ones worse than we treat anybody else? Have you ever treated a loved one in a way that you wouldn't do to a stranger? I guess all of us have. Do we take them for granted? Hmm...

So there have been a couple of things bubling up in my mind to put in the blog, but could not really make a connection in between them to make sense for other people who read it. So I just don't put them. My thoughts are so scattered at the moment.

So may be I will go to a Mind Mapping course again on Saturday to tidy up and formulate my thoughts, get them all mapped out, and sort them out in a map, an example of which you can see here:

For now, back to my world.


another_translator said...

To my understanding, there are three possible answers to your question:
1. you really take him/her for granted as you said, which may in return eventually cause you to lose him/her
2. you no longer love him/her, which needs no further explanation
3. you are angry with him/her, which is the most likely reason:) and you want him/her to understand your value.
anyway, hope the course makes you feel better...
by the way, you might be feeling tired because of the weather :)

miss interpreter said...

Obviously number 3 is the one that most frequently happens. But there is more to it than just that. There is a deeper level of inner feelings that make me feel like I do now. But thank you for your attempt to analyse my feelings. And yes allways put the blame on the weather!