Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Day of Rest

I was having dreadful dreams this morning and just as I woke with the relief of having been out of the dream I felt the soreness in my throat hurting me and that's how my day started.

Went to company doctor at work, she looked at my throat and sent me home. She said it was bad, and gave me some antibiotics. So I finished off some urgent work that needed to be done, took all the rest of the translations to do at home and came home. Had a sleep and rest. But I was uneasy as in the corner of my mind I knew I had to go to the banks for some issues pending for some time which I never had the time to deal with.

I felt like OK, so I went off to HSBC Bank first. Here's the thing: They are the "World's Local Bank" right? Well, that's what they say. I have a problem with that. You go to a branch and they don't let you do any transaction unless you had opened your account in that specific branch. In other words, within a city, within Istanbul you can only do certain transactions ie. creating a standing order, or time deposit account, in one specific branch and not the others. I think it's stupidly inconvenient. And I also know a friend who can not transfer money from his UK account to the Turkish account. Yes, they're the world's local bank. I'm not a banking expert, but I can tell it's not very convenient on the user side.

Anyway with the help of a bit of luck, a friendly security personnel (yes, not the bank staff) told me that I can use their fax and write a petition to the original branch. That's what I did, and they called me back to confirm my transaction, a nice lady on the phone this time and it was all done.

Came back home in peace and now I can rest more for another day tomorrow...

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