Monday, 28 May 2007

Sister Back

Weekend did me good, had a good time, a bit like in the old times, with surprises, and later saw my friends, said goodbye and welcome, as my sister, Nur came to visit me from Ankara. I took her out to shopping first and then there was this technology fair that she wanted to go, so we went there, then I took her to my favourite relaxation place, the Koza Cafe in Maçka(
and we played Backgammon. I hadn't played for a long time, so wasn't claiming anything but my sister claimed she was good and she played online, but who beated her? Me. :) Then we went to my DVD guy and got the film Music and Lyrics (Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore). She got really bored through the end, but I was enjoying it :)

So I had a good weekend. Then the week started as if the weekend never happened (it allways seems to be like that). Monday blues today.. Another busy day is coming up for tomorrow, meetings have already been scheduled in the morning and afternoon, presentations, documents and so on... So need to get ready!

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