Saturday, 19 May 2007

Rain, Cats and People

Hey, rain lovers! I have news for you. I kept my promise and went out and got drenched in the pouring warm summer rain last night! And I was happy. So there..

Then got into this small cafe playing slow Spanish music and people watching the rain outside. There was this fat old cat, which later I learned from the owner that she was 14 years old, I think it is times 5 or times 6 to humans, as a friend told me. It approached to me, this cat, looked at me for some time, I didn't move my eyes from it, and as if it knew I wasn't feeling so well at that particular moment, it jumped on the seat and sat next to me. May be it just wanted my jacket to lie down on, but I got friendly with it, stroking its head, playing with it and at one point it didn't like what I did.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. In this case you can't teach an old cat new tricks, just like we have our own habits, oddities, weirdnesses and people will continue to do what they do even though you tell them many times not to do certain things, mention certain things, or change a particular gesture or attitude. They will not change. Even if they stop doing that thing they may still think from inside how silly it is... In this case we have to accept them as they are or decide to have nothing to do with them..

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magic girl said...

I like the old fat cat, beats being in the rain anytime...not a rain lover...