Sunday, 20 May 2007

Secular Meetings 2 (Cumhuriyet Yürüyüşü)

The Secular Meetings that started in Ankara, and continued in Istanbul, İzmir and Çanakkale are now carried on in Samsun, where Atatürk stepped ashore on 19th of May 1919 to save the nation. 19th of May has a significance in Turkish history and is a national holiday celebrated as a Youth and Sports Day. Today, in this historically significant place, people have gathered to celebrate the Republic and convey their message for the election coming up.

After seeing the crowd gathered in Cumhuriyet Square, broadcasted live on tv, I just spoke to my friends in Samsun and my mom, and they will join them soon... As for me, having had joined the previous one in Istanbul, I will go out for shopping today...

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