Friday, 4 January 2008

Swap places

Sweet atmosphere of snow did not last long before it turned to a frost and me missing the summer again. Talking about missing summer, I just heard from a friend of mine, Anthony, living in Melbourne, who told me December 31 was so hot there, 42 C !!.. (I envy them) And then he said a while ago he was flicking through his Istanbul trip photo album and came accross our picture and the fact that he was looking around for someone to take the photo and I said "let me, I'll find someone" and out of 20 million people in Istanbul, I picked the woman least likely in the world to be able to use a digital camera!

(December 3, 2006, in front of Cevahir, shopping mall)

Now that it snows here and it is so hot in Australia, he also said the idea of a white Christmas /NY is a real novelty for him. For the people in the southern hemisphere it is a dream to have a NY with snow, and for us Northern hemisphere people it is a dream to have a NY with hot weather. So, here is the offer: why dont we swap places next year and you be having Christmas and New Year in snow and I will be in my bikinis and standing upside down ???


one of the people you lived with said...

Wheeeeeeerreeeee areee Murat's wedding photoooooosssss?%@'^++!'%

one of the buddies you lived with said...

wheere are Murat's wedddiing photosss?'^++%+^'&^+&%