Saturday, 19 January 2008

So confused by time

Having made new plans for the weekend, and a to do list, yes I am one of those people who make lists. It may be a left brain activity but works for me, I can organise myself. It's a great feeling to cross things off your list. From today's list, I was able to cross off many items, jobs. So it was an effective day for me. I sticked to my plan.
I came back home and watching the news, as I heard them saying it's been one year since the murder of Hrant Dink, the Armenian journalist, this is the first anniversary. I was so shocked! It was like they were playing a joke on me, broadcasting the news of a different year, or like buying a paper and seeing the date 1981. It's impossible, right?
I was so shocked because it felt like yesterday since this event happened. One year? No way! Impossible. It could be maximum a couple of months. One year? No way! My brain went funny and confused. So confused. Can't be true... First I denied, they must be mistaken or making a joke. But no. God time flies by so fast. So fast. Somebody said, after your twenties, it is like you are on a train and you can't get off at the stop that you want to. Oh dear. So depressing. May be this is why people after some age forget what age they are and act like they are twenty..
Just had a call from a friend who will come by, great. So I should go.

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