Friday, 11 January 2008

Hot and Cold

Snowy days did not last long and we have sunny bright days now. I am lucky to have a great view of Maslak, the business centre of Istanbul, from my desk at work, having a terrace acting as a meteorology center to me. And the weather has been really changing and unstable lately. I love the sun, but one moment its there and the next moment its gone. You can't really trust it. And I have to adjust myself to the changing weather conditions. If I wear a t-shirt and the next moment it is snowing, I will be ill.

Just like with people, where the other person could be hot and cold all the time. One moment its great, next moment its not there. It's always hot and cold, and I want it to be warm all the time. I need time to adjust between hot and colds. It is making me ill. I will take extra warm jumpers with me to keep me warm. And jumpers got nothing to do with bumpers of cars.

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