Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Fashion- Hotpants

60's & 70's hotpants are back, as it happens in fashion, everything that goes around comes around. And I love them. As I was shopping for new year presents I couldn't help but indulged myself with presents for me, including hotpants, colourful tights to go with them, t-shirt, belt, etc.
I am not sure if hotpants are originally from the 60's or 70's (I wasn't around then), and I could not find clear information about it, but if you know and you are still around you can enlighten me.
Girls, you must have one of these, with the boots and different types of tights; the high waist belts are also a must have and very handy.

Well, tomorrow I'll be in my suit looking very serious for a big event for which I will be translating and top officials speaking. So, no hotpants tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Yes I was around and still am, and have great momories of those days, not only did they come as pants or shorts, there came as all-in-one outfits of the same material. Girls look great in them. But I seem to remember them to be much tighter fitting. Of for those daze.