Saturday, 19 January 2008

After a long, tiring, stresful week had a sunny, easy going friday and finally finished the week. Started my freedom hours by going to the mall only to shop for more hotpants and t-shirts and ofcourse a take-away. Shopping on top of a stressful week helped me unwind but still my body could not take much and let myself to the chair at home. So good..
Having heard that the weather will be all clear and sunny all weekend, started to make weekend plans. Yes! New plans, as the old plans that I made for the weekend was different. I used to extremely annoyed when I plan for something and something gets in the way. If I planned to do 3 things that day (things can be going somewhere, meeting someone, buying sth, dealing with a job, etc) and for some reason I couldn't do one or two of them, in the order that I want, then it would be a disaster for me. But life is nothing like that ofcourse and I pretty much dropped that. For this weekend in particular, I was weary of not making any serious plans, as you probably have heard of the saying 'cry wolf', in the tale of the shepherd and the wolf. The shepherd boy watched a flock of sheep close to a village, and winds up the villagers, telling that the wolf is coming but nothing happens. After so many times of crying wolf, no one believes the boy. I had this happening to me many times, people give promises to meet, to do things, to go to places, but when it turns out that they are not capable of keeping their promises, we learn not to care, like the villagers did. You will eventually care for them as much or as little as they care for you. May be they like variety and that is the way they are, they want to keep it that way, then tough, let them have variety but if that's not what you want, then you will eventually let other people who have been trying so hard to become close to you. Happiness is when you spend your precious time with people who really care about you, and be there for you, who will take you to that special concert regardless of where it is. Somebody that only knew me for 2 days made a very correct analysis about me and said that I tend to generalise/simplify things, or tell things at a high level, as we call 'chunk up' in Nlp terms. I will chunk up this subject as well, as I have to close it now.. Next job: put some muscle relaxant as my neck is killing me...

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