Monday, 2 July 2007

Put yourself in my pyjamas

Have you ever bought something thinking it was great and came home and realised it actually sucks! This is what happened to Gamze and I on Saturday.

For a start I am an underwear lover (which should be another section on the blog) and I would go to any shop that sells good underwear, I can spent hours in there... I noticed this shop on Satuday walking with Gamze, and we went in. Then I spotted this pink nighty with shorts and a top and it was so cute. Gamze loved it too. It had green frogs on pink material. Ofcourse we had to buy it, a pair each.

We came home, tried them on, and we tried to find something nice about them but we couldnt. The cut wasn't right, the shape wasn't right, it just wasn't right. We went back to change it the next day, but we actually had fun! Because the people that worked there did not quite know what to do and they all messed up with the accounts because of us! Hah! Great fun.
Well, at least I SOMETIMES have fun...

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