Saturday, 14 July 2007

Holiday in Chesme (Çeşme) - 1

Just got back from Çeşme this morning. Got really black as seen in the picture on the right.

To go back to the beginning, going to Çeşme was troublesome as I bought the ticket for the wrong date, I was almost going to stay in Istanbul! The ticket was for 00.30 after midnight, which makes it the next day, I bought it online (like I always do) it did not give any warning. When I got to the coach station I did not even have a ticket (as it is online ticket) and no print out either and they told me I had traveled the previous day. To cut the long story short I had to travel on the hostess seat which was very uncomfortable, but there was another guy that did the same thing as I did (booked for the wrong date), so I wasn't the only one, but they didn't take him. He had to stay.

When we got there, with the girls it was too windy the first day. Çeşme, Alacati is a major windsurfing point in the world so no wonder it was windy, but not good for holiday makers, so we thought that it was going to be like that all the time. But gosh did we miss the wind.. All the rest of the time it was very hot (like it should be).

The hotel we stayed in was Grand Ontur Çeşme (, it is a nice hotel, one of the biggest in Chesme, Dalyan, with a beautiful, crystal clear sea, big pool, activities and a great night club that we loved... The only trouble is they don't run it very efficiently, but great nature.

The hotel is located on a cliff and down the cliff there is a club called Life, which resembles a lot to our Reina is Istanbul ( We adored the club, but there again they had a problem. They could not run it properly. If that place had been in Istanbul, it would have been packed... But we still enjoyed, a lovely place down the hotel..

The night view of the dock & the beach...

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