Sunday, 1 June 2008

Blackberry a convenience, or is it?

If you own a Blackberry and you have it for personal use rather than for corporate use, then you probably had the same issues as I did. This article does not tell you how to crack your BB.

I got a BB Pearl 8100 from a provider and I use it without a data plan only for voice and SMS. That really sucks because that wasnt my reason for getting it in the first place. As per submitting to a data plan, I dont want it because I dont want the emails, corporate data, corporate applications etc. I just want to use the internet for web surfing, checking my email as I have been doing even with my old Sony Ericsson.

Every BB HAS TO HAVE A LICENSE. And the primary reasons they sell BlackBerries is to increase the usage and GSM Operators plus RIM (Research In Motion) push people to sign up for a data plan if they want to use a BlackBerry. This is one of the problems you have to be aware of if you are planning to buy one.


Anonymous said...

hey its been a long time since you wrote anything. love to hear your news....

miss interpreter said...

Just seen your comment a about me not posting for a long time. Indeed so. I thought blogspot had already closed my account.. heh..
But yes I gave up blogging I think, have not seen yours for a long time, do you continue?