Saturday, 8 September 2007

Missing my telly

Woke up to a rainy Istanbul... Changed my summer bed clothes to a very light cuddly duvet last night. And this morning my waking up pattern was opening my eyes, looking at the watch, not time yet, cuddle up to the duvet, a bit later look at the watch again, not time yet, cuddle up to the duvet... and the loop goes on. So that's my strategy for waking up at Saturday mornings, what's yours?

This is the first weekend I'm spending home for weeks, and I don't have my prime object of enjoyment! The telly ofcourse!!!... When I get home after a work day, tired, the first thing I do is usually to switch the telly on and eat crisps (they are addictive i tell u). People who know me will know that I allways flip the channels and not stay in one place. It's because that's a great way of unwinding and emptying your mind.

And now I feel something big is missing as I don't have my telly. (Well, they appearantly cut it this week and it takes another week to reconnect if I apply for a new subscription! Oh poo, what am I going to do for one week?) I will try alternative ways, like online tv, but that's not as good... Oh dear, and there is no water as well.. First week at home for a long time, and here I am without my home comfort... Oh well, at least I'm over with the crazy week at work and endless holidays.. hehee

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magicgirl said...

a week without TV of my god!